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Fishing Report May 2018

    Montana has no shortage of water this spring. Most mountain ranges had snow packs well over 100% of average, some over 150% of average.  High and muddy water across the state will cause some headaches for folks fishing this spring and early summer. However, in the big picture lots of water is good … Continued

Fishing Report August 15 2015

We are half way through August. We have been fortunate here on Southwest Montana’s Yellowstone River. With many rivers in the state still faced with closures and fighting low water and high temps, the mighty Yellowstone is hanging in there just fine. I think we are over the hump for the danger of high water … Continued

July 29 Fishing Report

July has been an interesting month here in Montana. As you have probably heard, a number of rivers in Montana are under “Hoot Owl” restrictions. Fortunately, we are hanging in there on the Yellowstone. Even though the flows for the Yellowstone, Boulder, and Stillwater Rivers have been well below average for the month of July, … Continued

June 20 Fishing Report

We are still having a great time on the Missouri River. June has lived up to our expectations. The nymph bite has been solid river wide. Up high it is the usual sow bug and pmd game. Down low, caddis has been the ticket. A week ago they dropped the flows from around 6000 cfs … Continued

May 21 Fishing Report

The fishing has been good in Montana. I just got home from a week long stint up on the Missouri River. Over the weekend Montana was hit with a large storm. Many locations had record breaking rainfall on Saturday and Sunday. The Dearborn rain gauge saw close to 3 inches in 2 days. Livingston recorded … Continued

May 2 2015 Fishing Report

The weather and the fishing has been hot here in Southwest Montana. The Yellowstone cleared and dropped to 3500 cfs because of the cold weather over the last weekend. We then saw temperatures hit the mid 70’s early in the week. That did two things: it gave us a few days of great caddis fishing, … Continued

April 24 2015 Fishing Report

It’s about that time. The Mother’s Day Caddis hatch could happen any day now on the Yellowstone. There have been rumors of random Caddis sightings around Livingston. There are Caddis on the Lower Madison. These next couple weeks could be a lot of fun. We had some warm weather this week that pumped up the … Continued

March 28 2015 Fishing Report

Spring fever has hit Southwest Montana. It has been unseasonably warm for the last couple of weeks. The fishing on the Yellowstone and the Spring Creeks has been good on the right days. There are midge hatches almost daily, and when its overcast the baetis hatches have been steady. There are rumors of March Brown … Continued

May 2014

Westwind Guides has been fishing up on the Missouri River for the past few weeks since our homewaters are blown out in spring runoff. We just finished up with a three day, three boat trip with Dave Schroeder and the gang. Myself, Eric Adams, and Tony V were the guides. We had solid fishing despite … Continued

August 9 Fishing Report

July went buy in a big hurry. What a busy month. The Yellowstone has been all over the map this year. We have had everything from great fishing to warm water temperatures to mud plugs, it always keeps us honest. Overall, the fishing has been solid on the dry fly. There have been some days … Continued