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April 24 2015 Fishing Report


It’s about that time. The Mother’s Day Caddis hatch could happen any day now on the Yellowstone. There have been rumors of random Caddis sightings around Livingston. There are Caddis on the Lower Madison. These next couple weeks could be a lot of fun.

We had some warm weather this week that pumped up the Yellowstone to over 4000 cfs. With cooling temperatures over the weekend it should drop and improve clarity. After this little blast of water I think the stage is set for some prime caddis conditions. If you are in the area or need a little getaway, the next couple weeks could see very good action on Caddis and March Browns. This hatch is hard to predict. But looking at the current conditions, I think we could have a really quality window to fish this hatch. Even if the Yellowstone blows out before we get the Caddis, the Madison has been fishing well. And as of today the Boulder is getting close to rafting levels. If anglers aren’t excited about the upcoming possibilities, they should be. Stay tuned.

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