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March 28 2015 Fishing Report

Spring fever has hit Southwest Montana. It has been unseasonably warm for the last couple of weeks. The fishing on the Yellowstone and the Spring Creeks has been good on the right days. There are midge hatches almost daily, and when its overcast the baetis hatches have been steady. There are rumors of March Brown sightings on the lower river, but not in steady numbers. If the warmth continues, the March Brown hatch will pick up quickly. The streamer fishing has been solid on those gloomy days. The fish have been keying in on the hatches and feeding steadily. On average the fish look very healthy and it seems that they wintered well.

We are gearing up for a great April. The snowtell sites are saying we have just under 100% snowpack in the Upper Yellowstone watershed. The high country has snow, but the lower level snow is very light. With these conditions, I am guessing we will have a longer than average window for the upcoming Mothers Day Caddis and March Brown hatches. I think its going to be a great month of fishing on the Yellowstone. This should be a great year to try some spring fishing. Come see us.