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July 29 Fishing Report

July has been an interesting month here in Montana. As you have probably heard, a number of rivers in Montana are under “Hoot Owl” restrictions. Fortunately, we are hanging in there on the Yellowstone. Even though the flows for the Yellowstone, Boulder, and Stillwater Rivers have been well below average for the month of July, our water temperatures have remained at good levels. A lot of folks in other watersheds aren’t nearly as lucky as we are.

Earlier in the month we had a short but sweet window to float the Boulder before the flows were to low to get the rafts through. We also had fun on the Stillwater River. Both fished well with dry/dropper set ups. The scenery of both those rivers is always a client favorite.

The Yellowstone has fished pretty well overall in the month of July. The hot days seem to put the fish down a little, there are some days where we have had to work hard for them. But on average, I think it has been solid. Out east we have had good luck on the nocturnal stones and the hopper bite is there as well. The Rainbows and Browns down there are healthy and strong and are fighting well. The Upper Yellowstone is fishing fine and the Cutty’s seem fat and happy. The colder nights in the Park are keeping the temperatures at a good level on the upper river. Every day it seems the hopper bite is getting a little stronger. The fish are moving to my favorite “summer hopper” water. We are getting nice fish to eat the dry.

I am looking forward to a fun August. Even though other watersheds are hot and closed, the Yellowstone is just fine. If our weather stays at average temperatures, I’m expecting a great August of fishing. I think there will be a great terrestrial bite for us on the Yellowstone. The calendars are close to being full, so if you haven’t yet booked your August fishing, call today.