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Fishing Report August 15 2015


We are half way through August. We have been fortunate here on Southwest Montana’s Yellowstone River. With many rivers in the state still faced with closures and fighting low water and high temps, the mighty Yellowstone is hanging in there just fine. I think we are over the hump for the danger of high water temperatures. The forecast is looking like average to moderate temperatures during the days, and equally importantly, cool night temperatures. We have been getting some timely rains as well to bump the flows. We have fought some mud from the Yellowstone’s tributaries and from Yellowstone Park. But its a good trade off. Its a temporary inconvenience to have to find clean water for a day or two, but overall it gives the fish a break and cools off the river a bit. We will take all the rain we can get. Also, we have no wild fires locally, so we are hoping that continues.

Overall, the fishing has been solid. Some days they can be tough to find and you have to work for them. I think those days the tough bite is due to the high sun and heat. Most days, however, the dry fly fishing has been consistent. We aren’t breaking any records, but catching plenty and seeing some nice ones. On the right stretches and days, there is a solid hopper bite. Ants and beetles are picking up fish when they get a little snooty. There are also nocturnal stone flies on the lower river and the fish are still on them. On the upper river, there are some lingering moths around and we are starting to see a few green drakes. Every day there are more reports of localized hatches of various mayflies and caddis, a sure sign of cooler water temps. I think as August continues, the fishing will keep improving. If you are planning on being in the area in late August or September, look us up. There will be some fun fishing to be had.