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Fishing Report July 7

Its been a busy few weeks. Us Livingston boys who have been camped in random places up on the Missouri for the month of June are back home. The Missouri fished very well for us. There were lots of happy clients, and lots of great fish and memories. As always, its good to get home.

I got home on June 30th, and the fishing on the Yellowstone has been very solid. As you can see from the pictures, there was a very good window for the Salmon Fly Hatch. They ate the big bugs well for a week, despite the holiday crowds. Word travels fast when it involves this hatch. Fishing the dry has been great. The Salmon Flies are gone, but the fish are still eating Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, Caddis of all makes and models, and pmd’s. Its quite the buffet out there. Early July was unseasonably hot, but it has cooled the past couple of days. We are very thank full for that. We have also had some giant thunderstorms rolling through, and as I write this report the Yellowstone is blown out with a huge mud plug from Yellowstone Park. A slight inconvenience for now, but we are very thank full for the moisture and the plug, it will give the Yellowstone a much needed break. We are fishing the Boulder river now as well, and it has stayed much cleaner than the Yellowstone and is fishing well. A great option for this time of year.

There is also a picture of a lady with a fish of a lifetime. This is the largest fish I have ever seen on the upper Yellowstone. It taped 23 inches and I am guessing it weighed around six pounds. Giant rainbow. It ate the big dry. This was this gals first ever day of fly fishing. It was her second trout landed on a fly rod. I told her to go buy a Powerball ticket….


IMGP1220  IMGP1235